08/07/12 12:57 pm

Attack on Capitalism Continues

Mitt Romney, and capitalism, kill people. And they don't even care.
07/24/12 05:07 am

Brown Ad: Other Dems Not Marxists

A great ad from Scott Brown highlights the difference between President Obama�...
07/20/12 02:00 am

Krauthammer: Obama Laughing at Hard Work

Charles outlines why the context of the president's anti-business rant prov...
11/30/11 04:30 am

Michael Moore: Capitalism is Evil

Michael Moore says capitalism, as practiced in 2011, is evil and over (go to the...
10/27/11 04:26 am

CEO Challenges the Anarchists

Great debate - CEO versus Occupiers. It's no surprise, but it is still star...
11/11/10 08:28 am

Bill Gates Explains What's Wrong With Capitalism

Bill Gates says he likes capitalism, but the system has its weak spots - namely,...
12/01/09 07:43 pm

The Inconvenient Truth

An unintended consequence of having a radical in the White House is that the pre...
10/30/09 11:23 am

American Curses

The real purpose of health care reform? A union of millions of newly organized w...
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