candy crowley

10/19/12 02:26 pm

Candidate Says Male Moderator Prettier Than Candy

A good rule of thumb is that anything Democrats accuse Republicans of doing is s...
10/18/12 07:20 am

Steve Hayes Isn't Buying It

The Weekly Standard's Steve Hayes explains why Candy Crowley was wrong when...
06/11/12 01:44 am

McCain: Eric Holder has Zero Credibility

Why does John McCain want an independent counsel to investigate national securit...
04/23/12 03:33 pm

Marco Rubio Mocks Becoming Prez

 Marco Rubio makes fun of the idea that people want him to be president...
04/16/12 06:36 am

Bill Cosby: I Can't Go For That

A painfully inarticulate Bill Cosby has trouble getting a definitive statement o...
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