05/08/09 09:56 am


Remember how scary it was when George W. Bush, as guided by his evil puppeteir D...
05/04/09 10:11 am


04/30/09 10:40 pm

Obama Losing

When the former President took us to war, Ted Kennedy famously announced that Ir...
04/29/09 10:44 pm

Obama Might Torture

First, the President was asked if the Bush administration engaged in torture. AB...
04/27/09 04:07 am

Water Ride

Let's review. Democrats are horrified over the enhanced interrogation techn...
04/21/09 10:08 am

Pain Gains

What's up with the Obama administration releasing documents on interrogatio...
03/04/09 09:05 pm

Rush to CNBC

Rush is no dummy, and today he took the nice hand dealt him by the White House a...
02/28/09 06:51 am

Must Get Stoned

It's just not easy these days, being Barack. "I feel it's unfortu...
02/25/09 12:22 pm

Half of What

I've been meaning to mention.
02/17/09 06:12 pm

Wrong Again!

It was self-evident to liberals, one of their mantras.
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