03/01/10 05:50 pm

Reconciling Reconciliation

Nancy Pelosi says a new Obama health care plan will be ready soon.
02/09/10 07:56 am

Miss Him?

Well... Do you, punk? A Wyoming, Minnesota billboard of former US President Geo...
01/09/10 04:37 pm

Surge Purge

During the campaign, Barack Obama claimed he didn't think that the surge in...
01/07/10 12:25 pm

Wasted Moguls

Gallup confirms that conservatism is the dominant American ideology. The increa...
12/02/09 12:50 am

Sleepy Attack

Americans don't approve of much that President Obama is doing, but most of ...
11/25/09 02:20 pm

Khalid Sheikh is Coming to Town

I'm still trying to figure out what's up with the Obama Administration...
11/19/09 03:42 pm


She fought the law and the law won. The daughter of Sen.
10/09/09 05:45 pm

The Dubya Award

The world is wondering... Why the Nobel? Did Obama win for not being George Bu...
09/30/09 07:16 pm

Change of Heart

A delightful interview with Gore Vidal includes a cutting critique of President ...
08/14/09 11:19 am

Never Happen

One thing all conservatives should be embarrassed about is the use of Hitler aga...
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