budget cuts

01/31/12 07:25 pm

Newt Gets Liberal on Mitt

In a bizarre Florida election day robo-call, Newt attacks Mitt for for being a f...
04/14/11 09:15 am

Obama Speech 'Dishonest,' 'Disgrace'

Charles Krauthammer calls the president's speech a disgrace, and the Wall S...
03/11/11 05:22 pm

Bernie Sanders: Tax the Rich

Bernie Sanders explores all of Washington's overspending and realizes there...
01/05/11 08:04 am

Hey Boehner: Where You Gonna Cut?

Chris Matthews is looking for ideas from the GOP - where should spending be cut....
08/16/10 06:30 pm

Rush on Mosque

Rush compares liberal reaction to Walmart location versus Mosque location, and b...
02/12/10 12:06 pm

The People's Treat

Democrats in New Jersey are foaming - you can't cut spending just because y...
07/23/09 07:04 am


Arnold takes a knife to the California budget.
02/16/09 05:44 pm

Chicago Exception

Being an elected official must be a drag these days, working so hard, as they do...
01/30/09 03:36 pm

Smoking Budgets

Before teachers lose their jobs, are they going to cut the tobacco cessation pro...
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