08/13/12 04:55 am

Bill Kristol: Ryan Pick Just One Card

Bill Kristol says the Ryan nomination is a first step in a process, not an end u...
04/26/12 04:57 am

Debbie Squirms Under Pressure From Bret

Bret Baier takes Debbie Wasserman Schultz - head of the Democratic Party - apart...
04/05/12 04:31 am

Obama Was Marvelous Before he was Against It

The president's reelection strategy is quite simple - do anything to keep t...
02/13/12 07:13 pm

NPR: Obama Budget All Politics

Maura Liasson of NPR says the president's budget isn't going to be pas...
04/15/11 09:30 pm

Obama's Open Mic

An open night, a cocky president. President Obama had a candid, private conversa...
04/14/11 07:43 am

Ryan Not Happy with President's Speech

Congressman Paul Ryan, head of the congressional Budget Committee, was upset ove...
04/10/11 02:45 pm

Chuck Todd: GOP Wins on Budget

Chuck Todd lays out the argument that it was the threat of defunding Planned Par...
04/08/11 09:03 am

Jesse: Budget Fight Equivelant to Civil War

Jesse Jackson gets the biggest dope award for this one.
03/08/11 02:41 pm

Joe Manchin Still Taking Shots at White House

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is the guy who got elected as a Democrat by ru...
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