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09/17/12 04:28 am

Hume: Failure of Obamaness

Brit Hume says the Mideast mess is a sign of the president's inexperience. ...
09/10/12 02:52 pm

Hume: Democrats Win Convention Wars

There's just something about the president that he has such a hold on voter...
05/28/12 03:43 pm

Brit Hume: Jobs a Byproduct of Profits

Brit Hume thinks the president's attempt to disconnect job creation from pr...
11/01/11 07:16 am

Rick Perry Finally Gives A Correct Response

10/10/11 06:32 am

Brit: Occupy Movement Can't Match Tea Party

Because it is a far left movement, Brit Hume explains that the Occupy Wall Stree...
10/03/11 01:30 am

Brit Hume: Does GOP Need Christie?

The longing for Chris Christie reminds Brit Hume of the question about a pack of...
05/16/11 04:30 am

Brit Hume: No Way We Default

Brit Hume gets impatient over the idea that the U.S. would default on its debts ...
03/28/11 07:45 am

No Brit - Here's What Hume Said

The president would have won some GOP votes for ObamaCare if only some Republica...
01/24/11 05:01 am

Brit Hume Says People Won't Mind Social Security Cuts

The Fox News Sunday panel discusses polls that show everyone loves the idea of s...
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