brian williams

11/30/11 05:16 am

Fire Alarm Interrupts Brian Williams

The dopes at NBC News don't have a silent fire alarm in the studio...
09/07/11 08:34 pm

Romney v Perry a Heavyweight Debate

Body blows on jobs, tit for tat, as Romney and Perry mix it up.
08/02/11 02:04 am

Sorkin: Wall Street Wants More

The New York Times columnist and host of Squawk Box says the debt deal isn'...
06/07/11 04:32 am

NBC Leads with Weiner

NBC News package on the Anthony Weiner confession press conference.
03/29/11 07:49 pm

Obama Says Nothing Much on NBC

Obama interviewed by Brian Williams on his Libya policy. Painful.
01/04/11 08:05 am

Who is Touching Brian Williams' Junk?

Brian Williams discusses his intimate relationship with TSA agents on Letterman....
08/30/10 02:23 am

Plastered President

The president had a Katrina induced sit-down with Brian Williams yesterday, and...
05/30/09 09:26 am

Empathetic Hate Speech

It's Obama's bed. He made it. He's the one who wants emotion to b...
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