03/21/12 03:53 pm

Jason Mattera Punked by Bono Poser

Jason Mattera, the guy who Chris Rock went after when he asked about remarks Roc...
03/16/12 04:31 am

Palin: Breitbart is Here

You have no right to lecture us on civility, you have no right to lecture us on ...
03/13/12 02:01 am

Bill Ayers Compliments Andrew Breitbart

Considering Bill Ayers, political partner of the president's, was a real li...
03/08/12 02:08 am

Obama Tape Needs Breitbart

The "new" Obama tape shown last night on Hannity and planned b...
03/07/12 07:32 pm

Tape of Obama Protest at Harvard Released

Breitbart promised that this election season would be different from four years ...
03/05/12 03:36 pm

Keller Joins PBS Lefties in Getting Breitbart Wrong

Even Jon Keller, a savvy political commentator from Channel 4 in Boston who is g...
03/02/12 06:44 am

Coulter on Breitbart

Breitbart is remembered by Ann Coulter.
01/16/12 04:38 am

Breitbart Explains His "Evil" Calm

Andrew Breitbart discusses his appearance on CNN last week when Piers Morgan say...
01/12/12 01:26 pm

Piers Morgan Calls Breitbart 'Notoriously Evil'

You've got to hand it to Piers Morgan - he's honest about his bias. Hi...
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