06/12/10 01:01 pm

Something Stupid

Obama lies, the Gulf Coast dies.
06/11/10 10:25 pm

Spill Management

BP's problem expansion strategies.
06/11/10 06:44 am

Disperse This

The Obama administration is being consumed by the Gulf Oil Disaster. A new stor...
06/09/10 03:11 am

Rosie Knows

The president may not know whose ass to kick, but Rosie O'Donnell doesn...
06/08/10 06:45 am

Tough Guy

A defensive president says he's looking for ass to kick on oil crisis.
06/07/10 02:13 pm

Oily Weiner

Like all Democrats, leftist Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York is filled wit...
06/06/10 02:13 pm

Divided Tragedy

If you can reduce the tragic flow of oil in the Gulf by half, what remains? Half...
05/30/10 08:28 am

Road Kill

As the oil continues to spew unfettered into the Gulf, a similar mass of darknes...
05/26/10 04:48 pm

Lost Art

Seen any state of the art leadership kicking around the Gulf Coast? The "po...
05/24/10 11:21 am

Heck of a Job

The Obama administration is trying to manage the political fallout over the BP o...
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