06/23/10 07:20 pm

Pelican President

The bureaucrats are continuing to interfere with the oil  cleanup effort. The ...
06/22/10 08:14 am

Lip Service Leadership

What's worse - Tony Hayward and his sailing or the president and his Lip Se...
06/19/10 11:20 pm

Tony Tony

BP CEO Tony Hayward may want his life back, but the life he's living doesn&...
06/19/10 06:48 am

Slow Down, Patton

How does the Obama mythology sustain now that liberals have turned on the presid...
06/18/10 08:06 am

Safety First

How Soviet is our society becoming? Eight days ago, Louisiana Governor Bobby Ji...
06/17/10 07:03 pm

Sorry For the Apology

A really dumb Republican apologized to BP today for the $20 billion shakedown at...
06/17/10 06:31 am

Small People

BP cares about the small people. BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg told reporters...
06/16/10 10:28 pm

Jimmy Obama

Being made into Jimmy Carter reincarnate is a worst case scenario for President ...
06/16/10 03:59 pm

Yesterday's Gone

Failed leadership is finally piercing the veneer of Barack Obama. Here are the n...
06/13/10 07:34 pm

Buying Votes

People who vote for Democrats do so for the subsidies.
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