04/15/11 04:36 am

Video: Obama Admits Too Dumb to be Senator

Here's the clip from George Stephanopoulos' interview with the preside...
04/14/11 05:56 pm

Birther News: Deval Patrick Meeting Kenya PM in Boston

Governor Deval Patrick is in town for a visit, and it seems he's working on...
04/13/11 01:29 am

Bachmann Works Both Sides of Birth Certificate

First she says she takes the president at his word regarding his birth certifica...
04/12/11 07:56 pm

White House Searching for Way to Stop Trump

The White House, desperate to find a way to stop Donald Trump's birth certi...
04/12/11 07:06 am

Here's What Coulter Says About Trump

Ann Coulter reacts to Donald Trump's use of the birth certificate issue to ...
03/31/11 01:56 pm

Donald: Birth Certificate Talk Tough to Trump

Trump expands on Obama citizenship with O'Reilly.
03/28/11 03:25 pm

Trump Keeps Working Birther Opening

No one else has so much to gain and nothing to lose, so Donald Trump is filling ...
03/24/11 02:48 am

Donald The Birther Makes Waves on View

Trump causes a funny ruckus on The View by pressing the question: Why doesn'...
03/18/11 02:18 am

Trump Teases Birther Beliefs

Donald Trump, continuing his politician act while traveling on "Trumpforce ...
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