birth certificate

04/29/11 04:46 am

Rand Paul Takes Jab at Trump

Rand Paul wants to see Donald's long form GOP registration form.
04/28/11 05:20 pm

Birth Certificate Analysis

I lack the time or motivation to get into the weeds of analyzing the birth certi...
04/28/11 06:03 am

Barney on MSNBC Talking Trump

Barney on MSNBC complaining that the birth certificate controversy is the the 9/...
04/27/11 07:24 pm

Barack tells Oprah he Remembers Being Born in Hawaii

Oprah asks Barack - "Why did you wait so long?"
04/27/11 12:22 pm

Trump Holds Presser, Obama Spins

Trump claims victory over the White House in a press conference on the president...
04/27/11 09:33 am

Trump Wins, Obama Releases Certificate

The next question? Why did the president wait four years to release his long for...
04/26/11 04:18 pm

Fox News Confirms Obama's Birth

While Shep Smith is impatient with the Trump pushed birth certificate matter, a ...
04/25/11 08:00 am

Rev Graham: Show Me the Certificate!!!

Rev Franklin Graham steps into the Obama birth certificate issue. "The pres...
04/21/11 06:34 am

Pat Buchanan Asked Why He's Talking Birth Certificate

Pat Buchanan talking birth certificate issue on MSNBC. Buchanan said he agrees w...
04/19/11 03:48 pm

Partners: Media Wants Heat, Donald Provides It

Donald Trump in a hot interview with George Stephanopoulos this morning. Steph i...
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