bin laden

05/12/11 05:24 am

Ron Paul: bin Laden Kill Not Right Decision

Ron Paul says if he was president there wouldn't have been a bin Laden raid...
05/11/11 12:08 am

MSNBC Host Asks Tancredo if he Wants President Dead

Martin Bashir wants to know if he thinks President Obama should be assassinated....
05/09/11 02:07 pm

Jake Tapper: Pakistan Can't be Trusted

Jake Tapper tells Christiane Amanpour that the thing that surprised him most abo...
05/08/11 01:36 pm

Rosie as Dopey as Michael Moore

Rosie O'Donnell pulls a Michael Moore and says killing bin Laden was wrong....
05/08/11 08:02 am

Scahill - Libs Now in Assassination Business

Bill Maher asks the question - Did bin Laden have his way with the United States...
05/07/11 09:24 pm

High Fives at the White House

Congratulations at the White House after it was learned that Osama had been kill...
05/07/11 02:34 pm

Osama Likes Watching The Bin Laden Show

New video, released by the Obama administration, shows Osama watching his favori...
05/06/11 08:41 pm

Michael Moore - What About OBL's Constitutional Rights?

Is Michael Moore really too dumb to understand that while Americans may have rig...
05/05/11 06:28 pm

Carney's Fault? Bin Laden Story a Mess

There's talk, heating up this week with the bin Laden story, that the new W...
05/05/11 12:18 pm

What is Walters Smoking?

Who, exactly, is Barbara Walters sleeping with.  
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