bin laden

09/19/12 04:18 am

Krauthammer: America in Retreat

Charles Krauthammer goes on another delightful rant on the ravaged Mideast polic...
05/04/12 04:20 am

Veterans Group Rips Presidential Bragging

A group called Veterans for a Strong America makes the president look pathetic. ...
05/01/12 05:06 pm

Romney 2007: bin Laden Will Die

 In a presidential debate in 2007, Mitt Romney was clear about getting ...
05/01/12 11:44 am

Arianna: Obama ad Despicable

Even lefty Arianna Huffington says the president has gone too far with an attack...
04/28/12 08:06 am

Ain't No Tough Guy Like Obama

There he goes again... bragging about being a great warrior.
03/05/12 02:06 am

Matthew Dowd: What's Wrong with Barack

Strategist Matthew Dowd says the past several months have seen lots of good news...
12/21/11 04:42 pm

Ron Paul: An Inside Job?

Does Ron Paul believe September 11th to be an "Inside Job?" In...
12/09/11 09:01 am

Obama Plays the Osama Card

The president must have been thrilled to have been asked what he thought of Repu...
08/06/11 04:30 pm

Michael Yon: Report From Kandahar

31 American soldiers, most of them Navy Seals from the unit that killed bin Lade...
05/12/11 09:37 am

Good Material for bin Laden Family Comedy

A couple of bin Laden kids are complaining that killing unarmed people is a viol...
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