bill press

10/25/11 09:19 am

Lefty Hate Speech of the Day

Disgusting liberals can't stop spewing hate. Here's Bill Press: The Re...
06/08/11 07:59 pm

Lefty Pundits Stand Strong for Weiner

Lefty Joan Walsh wouldn't assume the obvious about Anthony Weiner when he w...
01/05/11 02:22 am

Watch Out For People Who Read Constitution

New insult from the left. "Do you think this Constitution-loving is gettin...
10/02/10 04:03 am

SEIU President

Watch Andrew Breitbart upset the panel on Larry Kudlow's show. Especially d...
07/14/10 02:55 pm

Messiah Resistant

Americans are too spoiled - unworthy of the benefits of The One - and poor Presi...
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