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09/15/11 07:38 am

Bill O’Reilly’s Economic Plan: Tax The Poor!

Fox News is getting desperate to increase its percentage of brain-dead audienc...
09/12/11 04:31 am

NBC's Concern Over Obama Numbers Still Roils

Chuck Todd continues to defend himself over his "our pollsters are conc...
06/21/11 09:18 am

Marching Ants Destroying America

How insane is the liberal disease making the country? Bill O'Reilly reports...
05/18/11 09:09 am

Beck v. Meghan McCain; Cindy McCain v. Beck; Meghan McCain v. Beck and O'Reilly v. Beck

  As we have said so many, many times in the past, “Is there...
04/15/11 05:22 am

A Tale Of Two Governors: DP And SP

04/14/11 05:56 pm

Birther News: Deval Patrick Meeting Kenya PM in Boston

Governor Deval Patrick is in town for a visit, and it seems he's working on...
12/09/10 09:24 pm

O'Reilly Asks Rangel Why People Voted For Him

Rangel on O'Reilly.
10/06/10 05:14 am

The Corruption Factor

Bill O'Reilly breaks down some of the close senate races, and says for a Re...
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