bill maher

01/29/11 06:34 pm

Bill Maher Compares NFL to Socialism

Apparently, the NFL is a government and the owners are citizens who have their m...
01/19/11 02:18 am

Oliver Stone Too Dumb to Make Reagan Movie

Oliver Stone offers an explanation for why he's never made a movie about Ro...
01/15/11 11:32 am

Bill Maher's Sounding Lougheresque, Again

If there were more jobs for the mentally ill, Bill Maher figures fewer of them w...
01/13/11 02:18 am

Moment of Nostalgia From Loving Left

Remember Bill Maher and Barney Frank having a chuckle over the potential of Dick...
01/12/11 04:51 pm

Bill Maher Targets Gun Owners with Leno

The Tonight Show crowd is reluctant in its response to Bill Maher's Tucson ...
12/05/10 05:58 pm

Fareed Fawns Over Unfunny Maher

Bill Maher is noteworthy for his predictably left leaning opinions and for the l...
10/30/10 06:21 pm

Is Bill Maher in Juan Type Trouble

Bill Maher channels Juan Williams.
10/23/10 05:34 am

Clooney & Reiner Differ on Conservative Hate

The good news is that George Clooney stopped Bill Maher when he went to the old ...
10/11/10 06:00 am

Not a Witch

SNL parodies the Christine O'Donnell "I am not a Witch" ad. I...
09/18/10 09:21 pm

Mahering Christine

Bill Maher thinks Christine O'Donnell can go alot farther than Sarah Palin ...
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