bill maher

05/22/12 09:47 am

Romney’s “Bully” Pulpit

04/15/12 09:01 pm

Bill Maher Fuels the Rosen Fire

Bill Maher does his best to keep the Obama nightmare going - adding new juice to...
03/20/12 04:26 am

Obama Bucks: What Liberals Fight to Protect

Interviews with people lined up in front of the Welfare office reveal why fundin...
11/16/11 06:36 pm

Hasselbeck Smacks Maher

Elizabeth Hasselbeck makes Bill Maher pay for being his smarmy little self on th...
06/07/11 07:58 am

Palin's Midnight Ride Through Historical Inaccuracy And Revisionism

Those are Sarah Palin’s words spoken while in Boston, the Cradle o...
04/11/11 03:42 pm

Bill Maher - No funnier, but more accurate

It's nice that snarky, not-so-funny liberal "comedian" Bill Maher...
03/26/11 08:51 pm

Maher Slapped Around By David Brooks

"It's not exactly a sign of high self-esteem to wanna be on your show....
03/12/11 04:50 am

Ellison Defends Islam From Bill Maher

Bill Maher, the smarmy, unfunny guy that he is, does a good job of challenging M...
02/12/11 09:52 pm

Bill Maher Says Obama's Lying About Being Religious

Bill Maher doesn't believe that the president is a Christian, nor does he b...
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