bill lee

04/24/12 03:52 pm

Patty Mahany's Emotional Defense of Sanford

Patty Mahany, part of a majority voting 3--2 to reject Sanford Police Chief Bill...
04/12/12 07:54 pm

Dershowitz: Prosecutors Charges Against Zimmerman Unethical

Alan Dershowitz has taken a look at the prosecutors case and says the probable c...
03/27/12 05:20 am

Another Witness: Zimmerman Beaten By Trayvon

Bad news for those in the business of stoking the race divide - A second witness...
03/26/12 04:35 am

New Black Panthers Promise $1M Reward

The New Black Panther Party says it will raise a million dollars as a reward for...
03/23/12 05:23 am

Sharpton Making Rules in Trayvon Case

The police chief in Sanford, who stepped aside (temporarily) so others could pur...
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