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11/07/11 09:54 am

Weekly Wacky News Review (November 1st -7th)

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making th...
04/01/11 09:28 am

The Education of Mark Zuckerberg

03/05/11 03:57 am

"Radical" Bill Gates Favors Education That Succeeds

Bill Gates is worried about education. In his presentation at the Ted conference...
11/28/10 07:11 pm

Why Doesn't Buffet Shut-up About Higher Taxes?

Warren Buffet is going to give away $50 Billion... and Bill Gates is going to gi...
11/11/10 08:28 am

Bill Gates Explains What's Wrong With Capitalism

Bill Gates says he likes capitalism, but the system has its weak spots - namely,...
09/13/10 04:21 am

Panel Gates

Bill Gates explains his support for Death Panels. Please notice the quick mentio...
08/28/10 05:47 am

Hate Network

Even the hosts and commentators on MSNBC have to laugh over how biased their ne...
07/17/10 09:49 am

Very Un-Cool

Let's take the Global Warming science claims about the demise of the planet...
03/24/10 04:46 am

Gates Opening

Won't it be nice when all electricity is generated by clean, safe nuclear p...
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