bill clinton

05/31/10 08:37 am

Forever Wrong

Governor Ed Rendell, spinning on behalf of the Obama administration, says the jo...
05/28/10 05:19 pm

Two Hands

Wow. What a whopper has been offered up by the White House with the cooperation ...
05/19/10 05:56 pm

Flavorless Burger

05/18/10 09:43 pm

And Last

It's Power First for the Democratic Machine. With veterans standing behind ...
05/13/10 06:40 am

Army of One

Rush always wins when he is highlighted by the left.
04/25/10 08:19 pm

Terror Gig

Bill Ayers says, again, he's not a terrorist - never was. While he did decl...
04/18/10 07:12 pm

Code Bill

In a speech on Friday, Bill Clinton said he was concerned that political rhetori...
03/18/10 03:48 am

Fake Fight

Have you noticed the sense of urgency the President has attached to getting heal...
03/03/10 07:48 am

The Clowns Upstate

Remember former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, the sleazy guy who ran New York...
02/11/10 07:51 pm

Heart Breaker

President Clinton was hospitalized with chest discomfort late today. Two stents ...
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