bill ayers

05/03/12 04:41 am

Bill Ayers: America Is Over

Just because these comments are from Bill Ayers doesn't mean they shouldn&#...
03/15/12 04:30 am

Bill Ayers: Revolution Must Happen

Bill Ayers says a revolution is needed to tear power away from the White Suprema...
03/13/12 02:01 am

Bill Ayers Compliments Andrew Breitbart

Considering Bill Ayers, political partner of the president's, was a real li...
11/01/11 07:02 pm

Obama Mentor Talks Revolution

Bill Ayers coaches young Occupiers on the revolution.
08/04/11 02:11 am

Palin: If We Were Terrorists, Obama Would Be Hangin'

Lefties Martin Bashir and Frank Rich get snarky on Sarah Palin, wondering if she...
04/17/11 04:40 pm

Obama Friend Calls McCain War Criminal

The idea that Bill Ayers, American Terrorist, would compare himself as favorably...
03/29/11 02:41 pm

Ayers: It's Essential to Build a Movement on Unruliness

Shouldn't people who live in countries that host U.S. military bases get to...
03/28/11 09:43 am

Bill Ayers Says He Wrote Obama Book

Alright, he was only joking... but it's fun nevertheless.
03/28/11 02:22 am

Bill Ayers: Mundane Defender of Democrat Power Structure

How ironic that radical terrorist Bill Ayers supports the hackorama in the publi...
11/22/10 09:11 am

Terrorist Friend Says Obama a Warmonger

Calling Obama a moderate politician, the president's old terrorist buddy, B...
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