03/23/12 05:15 am

Occupy Practices Bigotry & Intolerance in NYC

Hateful Occupy protesters mock and dehumanize the working men and women of the 9...
12/06/11 08:55 am

Chris Christie Says He Faces Prejudice

Chris Christie wonders why bigotry toward fat people isn't as bad as other ...
03/29/11 04:12 am

Libya = Police Brutality Says Shabazz

Live by hate, die by hate. This is the natural conclusion of the liberal policy ...
10/19/10 05:48 am

Sweet Tea

A UCLA grad student went to the 9/12 Tea Party event in DC to photograph all the...
09/27/10 08:06 pm

Jealous Hate

While most of the party of hate seems to have gotten the memo telling them to ba...
09/20/10 04:49 pm

More Hate

More hate from the anti-hate crowd.
07/14/10 09:38 am

Pushing Race

The NAACP is desperate to keep its brand relevant - which means keeping racism a...
12/13/09 11:28 am

Beyond Liberals

Does Tiger Woods have the right to be attracted to whatever sort of woman he...
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