08/03/12 02:05 am

Obama Hate

Does anyone remember way back a few weeks ago when President Obama was an anti-g...
02/06/12 02:55 pm

John King's Freudian Hate Speech

Who knew that CNN's John King is a hater?
01/19/12 02:15 am

Juan: Newt Wanted to Stir That Audience

Juan Williams agrees with everything Newt had to say about giving kids jobs in s...
06/14/11 06:37 am

Herman Cain Asked If He's Being Bigoted

Is the black man a bigot?
09/24/10 09:48 am

You're Nuts

Has the Democratic machine finally realized that they've overplayed the rac...
09/16/10 04:43 am

Dopey Rore

Filmaker Rory Kennedy, smart enough to avoid a life in politics, doesn't ot...
07/19/10 06:27 pm

Full Force

The irony of the attacks by the NAACP and other Democratic socialists on the Tea...
07/07/10 05:48 am

Good Person Doesn't

Oh, by the way... Bill Clinton was among those who misrepresented Robert Byrd�...
07/02/10 07:06 pm

Dem Frauds

Democrats used to hate bigots. They used to call you a racist if you raised an e...
04/28/10 05:18 pm

Brown Needs A Truck

It turns out that British liberals aren't that different from ours here - t...
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