10/20/12 04:17 pm

Biden Declares War on Iran

How is that war in Iran treating you? Was Harry Reid raising his hand for Iraq ...
10/16/12 03:20 pm

Biden A Football Faker

Was Joe Biden a college football player? He seems to thinks so, but that's ...
10/15/12 08:05 pm

Bay Buchanan - Biden Debate Hurt Ticket

The vice president hurt the Obama ticket with women argues Bay Buchanan, who say...
10/15/12 12:54 pm

Frank Luntz: Undecided Voters Offended by Biden

Joe Biden won on the issues during the VP debate last week says Frank Luntz. But...
10/14/12 03:00 am

SNL Spoofs Biden

Joe Biden's over the top behavior and facial expressions are the focus of S...
10/12/12 08:30 pm

Joe the Buffoon

Did Joe Biden go to far in trying to provoke Paul Ryan and the leftist base of t...
10/12/12 07:33 am

Border: Biden Was Condescending

Gloria Borger also found the vice president to be condescending.
10/12/12 07:20 am

Wallace: Contemptuous and Disrespectful

Chris Wallace says he's seen every debate since Kennedy/Nixon and he's...
10/12/12 07:04 am

Biden Hits Romney on 47%

Biden Ryan mix it up on economy and the 47% comment of Mitt Romney. Oh my goodne...
10/12/12 06:38 am

Castellanos: Biden's Faces for Base

GOP pundit Alex Castellanos says the vice president did his job in last night�...
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