02/14/12 07:34 pm

Kinder Gentler: Lefty Says Santorum Like Stalin

The party of love is at it again. Here, Martin Bashir says Rick Santorum sounds ...
09/03/11 05:50 am

Walsh Will Skip Obama to Talk to Job Creators

A great debate between freshman Congressman Joe Walsh and Leftist TV guy Martin ...
08/04/11 02:11 am

Palin: If We Were Terrorists, Obama Would Be Hangin'

Lefties Martin Bashir and Frank Rich get snarky on Sarah Palin, wondering if she...
07/20/11 09:37 am

Joe Scarborough Bitchy with Bashir

Funny: Joe Scarborough gets bitchy with Martin Bashir.
06/02/11 07:33 am

Dopes on MSNBC Treat Audience Like Morons

Personally, I don't think the guys on MSNBC are as dumb as the arguments th...
06/02/11 04:28 am

Wacko Left Attacks Palin for Flag

Martin Bashir makes Palin into a criminal for using flag motifs on her bus? Unde...
04/22/11 09:57 am

Breitbart Kicks Bashir Around

Some might say it's hard to get through the bickering, but I love how tenac...
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