barney frank

10/18/09 03:20 pm

Like Ryan

Why can't more Republicans, especially leadership, present in a manner as s...
09/24/09 06:48 am


Barney tells O'Reilly that ACORN shouldn't be funded.
08/23/09 09:42 am

Ascending Party

Looking for evidence that reports of the GOP's death have been greatly exag...
07/31/09 03:12 am

Single Liar Plan

Have you ever wondered why proponents of a single payer, government run insuranc...
03/19/09 05:03 pm

Fraud Squad

Could there be any bigger frauds than the members of congress who voted for this...
12/22/08 09:43 am

The Snake

Barney doesn't like it. The first openly gay member of Congress said yester...
12/16/08 01:23 pm

Barney's Line

In a radio interview a couple of weeks ago, Barney Frank told me that he found i...
12/08/08 09:41 am

Just a Start

For starters, okay. But I fear this is just red meat to calm the growling masses...
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