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11/28/11 06:52 pm

Are Liberals Giving Up?

From Politico, analysis on Barney's departure from congress.
11/28/11 03:31 pm

Barney Explains Retirement Decision

Barney held a press conference Monday afternoon to explain his decision not to s...
11/28/11 10:01 am

Barney Frank to Retire

Barney's getting out. Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts fourth Cong...
10/13/11 04:41 am

Chris Matthews Overacts His Barney Love

Barney Frank is a mean and bitter man, that's nothing new. But how can one ...
08/08/11 01:37 pm

Barney: Cut Military Spending, Balance Budget

Since cutting social programs would take political courage, involve political ri...
08/03/11 04:16 am

Even Barney Sucks Up

If you haven't experienced it first hand, you wouldn't expect that the...
08/02/11 07:46 pm

Barney Frank: There Was No Risk of Default

Despite all the threats from Democrats that the Tea Party was putting the nation...
03/31/11 06:01 am

Happy Birthday to Socialism

It's enough to make you believe in astrology. Barney Frank, Pat Leahy and A...
03/22/11 01:31 pm

Nasty Barney: What Else is New?

The Democrats' strong convictions about the tone that should characterize p...
03/04/11 02:05 am

Barney's Bono Trends in Washington

Barney's sporting a new pair of glasses.
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