barney frank

09/19/12 12:42 pm

Little Joe: An Empty Page

Joe Kennedy's candidacy is a joke. The idea of a guy without adult accompli...
09/08/12 12:41 pm

Barack Obama - America's Unforced Error

This video clarifies the joy of Hope & Change.
05/29/12 04:55 am

Barney's Joke Leaves Few Laughing

Barney Frank is getting poor reviews for his Trayvon Martin inspired Hoodie joke...
05/12/12 07:46 am

Gay Debate: Barney v Tony

Tony Perkins and Barney Frank debate gay marriage on Hardball. Accoding to Tony ...
02/29/12 07:23 pm

Barney's Dumb Statement on Strategic Oil Reserves

Everyone knows Barney Frank is a really smart guy - so smart that he feels justi...
02/16/12 04:50 am

Little Joe Kennedy: Running on the Obama Agenda

Little Joe Kennedy has announced his run for congress with this web video, being...
02/15/12 06:51 pm

Healing Waters: Boehner & Cantor are Demons

Like all Democrats, Maxine Waters is firmly committed to the idea of civil publi...
11/30/11 07:21 pm

Chris Matthews Says Newt is Evil

Chris Matthews asks Barney Frank if he believes in good and evil, then turns the...
11/30/11 02:12 am

Krauthammer: Liberalism Might Improve

Charles Krauthammer thinks liberalism could get better with Barney on the way ou...
11/29/11 07:15 pm

Barney Still Miserable on Today

Barney Frank, the miserable guy that he his, wasn't anymore lovable on his ...
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