barbara walters

05/27/11 09:48 am

The View From the Lost Feminists

Barbara Walters is oft lauded for paving the way in television news as a woman. ...
05/05/11 12:18 pm

What is Walters Smoking?

Who, exactly, is Barbara Walters sleeping with.  
05/02/11 04:55 pm

The View Declares Obama Reelected

It certainly is a stature enhancer for the president as America learns details o...
02/22/11 05:10 am

The View is Inspiring From Scott's Altitude

Whoopi mentions Ted Kennedy while asking Scott a question about what he tells pe...
12/13/10 09:48 pm

Boehner Shows Too Much Empathy for Left

Liberals on The View, with Barbara Walters taking the lead, mock John Boehner fo...
11/28/10 05:05 am

That Darn Internet Does it Again

Obama blames the internet for the widespread belief that he's a Muslim.
11/04/10 05:06 am

The View Panics Again When Told the Truth

Rudy Guiliani defends the idea of Sarah Palin running for president, and reminds...
10/27/10 07:33 pm

Sharron Sends Flowers of Joy

Sharron Angle was so pleased with Joy Behar's hateful rant on The View that...
01/31/10 02:15 pm

41 Tears

Everyone is the 41st, Scott told Barbara in their interview yesterday at Kowloon...
01/31/10 10:44 am

Under Pressure

Will Scott cry for Barbara Walters, or is he truly his own man? Today on This We...
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