barbara boxer

03/17/11 07:01 am

Chu: Nukes Still Compassionate Energy Source

The energy secretary was before the senate yesterday, extoling the virtues of nu...
10/19/10 02:23 pm

McCain Clarifies Boxer Comments

John McCain explains his harsh comments on Barbara Boxer with Stephanopoulos thi...
09/30/10 05:09 am

Boxer Brown

Here's an update on the two big races in California.
09/29/10 07:02 am

California Dreamin'

There are two good races going on in California, one of our most troubled states...
09/08/10 08:46 pm

Everybody Must

The fearless leader of many lefties in congress has figured out what they haven&...
08/16/10 09:21 am

Tingle Pain

Could the GOP be closer to taking back the senate than it is to winning the hous...
06/09/10 09:54 pm

Straight at Left

Republicans need to be unabashed in telling the truth about the leftists - they ...
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