03/02/10 06:38 pm

Added Twist

The precarious condition of big government Democrats is revealed by Massachusett...
02/03/10 01:50 pm

Slow Learner

The President dumped on Las Vegas again yesterday, and folks in that city aren&#...
01/15/10 05:55 am

Killer Ted

Dems are still in denial - they continue to think that Ted Kennedy's legacy...
12/22/09 12:40 pm

As Usual

The GOP has a good new phrase for capturing the essence of the Obama health care...
05/08/09 09:56 am


Remember how scary it was when George W. Bush, as guided by his evil puppeteir D...
04/28/09 10:33 am


Sometimes, the President just doesn't know what he's talking about.
03/13/09 11:47 am

Down a Smidgen

Last week, you'll recall that President Obama sought to calm concerns over ...
02/17/09 08:44 pm

No Ronald Reagan

President Obama was so tedious during his first prime time press conference last...
02/11/09 06:53 pm


Now this is impressive. President Barack Obama says Caterpillar's chief exe...
02/11/09 08:02 am

Julio Moment

Barack had a Julio moment in Fort Myers yesterday. Watching Barack, the highly e...
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