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02/09/12 12:59 pm

Fox News’ Sean Hannity Exposed As Liar By MSNBC’s Ed Schultz

Earlier this week, Fox News’ Republican Cheerleader-in-Chief, Sean H...
02/02/12 09:33 am

The Free-Fall Of Ron Paul

01/26/12 11:21 am

Obama Flies While Mitch Daniels Lies

01/19/12 10:29 am

Rush Limbaugh Is Not A Fine Human Being, A Decent Person Or An Average American

The idiotic Rush Limbaugh sunk to a new low on his radio show yesterday. Durin...
01/17/12 11:04 am

More Lies At Last Night’s GOP Debate

Last night, the Republican Presidential candidates (what’s left of t...
01/10/12 08:00 am

Mitt(wit) Romney Is The Great Pretender

Today is a big day for New Hampshire Republicans as they cast the very first v...
01/04/12 10:06 am

Bachmann To Leave Presidential Race For Slot On “The Biggest Loser”

So what did we learn from the Republican Iowa caucuses? Two things. The deeply...
12/16/11 01:37 pm

GOP Candidates Lie During Debate

12/02/11 08:38 am

GOP Making Obama Into Carter

It's fun to compare Barack to Jimmy Carter, but does it accomplish anything...
10/05/11 01:20 pm

Ben Brings Bad News For Barack

Ben Bernanke offers a soundbite for Republicans. The Federal Reserve is prepare...
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