barack obama

09/08/12 12:41 pm

Barack Obama - America's Unforced Error

This video clarifies the joy of Hope & Change.
08/14/12 01:52 am

Obama Defines 'Forward'

It's Obama's new Marxist America, where prosperity is shared.
05/30/12 10:42 am

Mitt(wit) Romney Has A New Scandal

05/21/12 04:30 pm

Southern Rednecks Are Turning Blue

It now seems certain that the Republican Party will be progressively losing it...
05/15/12 08:18 am

Last Call fro Ron Paul

05/11/12 01:28 pm

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage While Romney Endorses Gay Bashing

02/16/12 10:49 am

Scott Brown Falls Into Trap For The Unwary

  Massachusetts’ nudist Republican Senator Scott Brown has b...
02/13/12 10:31 am

Failin’ Palin Gives Advice To Mitt(wit) Romney

The absurdity of the race that is “The Koch Brothers Flying Republica...
02/10/12 11:05 am

Romney Lies Again: He Favored Mandated Contraception Before He Was Against It!

Mitt Romney, the Flip-Flopper-In-Chief has been exposed yet again.
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