08/23/12 07:10 pm

New Poll: It's a Dead Heat

A Fox News Poll of likely voters shows a virtual tie, with Romney leading Obama ...
07/25/12 06:27 pm

Chuck Todd: Democrats Oversampled in NBC Poll

Chuck Todd says the 6 point lead for the president in the new Wall Street Journa...
05/09/12 12:51 pm

Ron Paul Indie Run Changes Nothing

Mitt Romney leads the president by 5% in today's Rasmussen daily tracking p...
02/12/12 02:29 pm

Jackson: I Voted For Barack 'Cause He's Black

Samuel L. Jackson says he voted for Obama because he's black. This sort of ...
01/20/12 05:34 am

Obama Channels Al Green

Give praise where it's due, my mother always said. Ok. The president has ta...
02/18/11 04:36 am

Matthews Likes Fat Man Versus Beautiful Obama

Chris Matthews - Crush on President Obama still strong.
12/02/10 07:53 am

It's Not Nice To Fool

The wacko leftists at who thought that President Obama would have com...
11/19/10 04:18 am

Hillary Wins Extreme Pat-Down

James Carville describes what TSA agents will find when they give Hillary the Ex...
10/31/10 02:04 pm

Birthers at Fox Destroy Obama Presidency Says Carter

Abuse of the president on the Fox News Channel seem to have overpowered the nati...
10/28/10 11:58 am

Michelle Says She and Barack Are Being Bullied

Michelle and Ellen Degeneres equate political opposition to the Obamas to bullyi...
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