06/27/11 02:24 pm

Bachmann Reassures: Obama a One Termer

Bachmann makes her announcement in Iowa, where she was born.
06/26/11 11:47 am

Bachmann Asked: Are You a Flake?

Is Michele Bachmann, looking like the GOP frontrunner in Iowa, a flake? That...
06/26/11 06:33 am

Bachmann Runs with Mitt in Iowa

Michele Bachmann is running neck and neck with Mitt in Iowa. Romney, the nationa...
06/25/11 08:17 am

Good News: America Loves Barbie

Colby King describes Mitt Romney as a Ken Doll, and Michelle Bachmann as a Barbi...
06/18/11 08:53 pm

Glitter Miss

The latest glitter attack, this time on Michele Bachmann, was a failure. Chris ...
05/19/11 04:17 am

Morris Says Gingrich Medicare Move Smart

Dick Morris offers a different perspective on Gingrich and Bachmann... says Newt...
04/20/11 01:21 pm

Bachmann Caught off Guard - By George

Michele Bachmann seemed unprepared today when George Stephanopoulos presented he...
04/04/11 11:46 am

Palin Plummets While Bachmann Bounces

As we said way back in our January 26th post, it appears that Sarah Palin and ...
04/01/11 05:26 am

Who's Dumber: Bachmann or Schumer?

The media pretends Michele Bachmann is an idiot because she mistakenly said that...
03/30/11 04:01 pm

Gotcha Question for Bachmann on Today Show

What the hell was Matt Lauer talking about when he asked Michele Bachmann this m...
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