07/16/11 01:32 pm

Party of Love Spews TV Hate

Liberal Love: The compassionate ones discuss having violent sex with Michele Bac...
07/15/11 04:20 am

Chutzpah - A Word Bachmann Should Know

Where does Michele Bachmann get the Chutzpah to say Chutzpah? Here's a...
07/15/11 04:11 am

ABC News: Bachmann Has the Mo!

Odd to see them do an upbeat piece on a Tea Party candidate at ABC.
07/13/11 07:33 pm

Bachmann Candidacy a Fight for GOP Control

Is Michele Bachmann running for control of the GOP? Dick Morris discusses the Te...
07/12/11 07:57 am

Brian Ross Investigates: Bachmann's Husband Christian

ABC News unleashes investigative reporter Brian Ross to uncover a scandal - Mich...
07/09/11 01:42 pm

Van Jones: Now, Traditional Democrat Lies

It used to be that Van Jones was a revolutionary who was honest about his anti-A...
06/30/11 06:00 am

Is Michele as Dumb as Barack?

Obama Quote of the Day (from 2009): "I want to be very clear, that we are r...
06/29/11 04:43 am

Glenn Beck, Frederick Douglass Defend Bachmann

Posted on Youtube in January, Glenn Beck does his Balloon Head rant against Chri...
06/28/11 04:52 pm

Bachmann Confuses the Presidents Named Adams

They're out to get her, and while being chased on previous misstatements, M...
06/27/11 04:29 pm

Michele Bachmann: Gotta Be Perfect

The media is determined to join Democrats in destroying Michele Bachmann by bran...
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