04/11/12 12:38 pm

Rick Santorum Was A Frothy Candidate

03/26/12 01:01 pm

Dummies From Right Get Trayvon Right

Have you noticed that it's the good government people who are rushing to pr...
01/01/12 05:42 am

Poll: Santorum Could Win Iowa

It appears that Iowa conservatives have found their man and that Mitt might lose...
12/30/11 09:41 am

Americans Rate Obama a Liberal

Voters view Mitt Romney as middle of the road, and the president as a liberal.
11/13/11 04:22 am

GOP Debate: Diversity of Opinion on Display

The candidates had a difference of opinion on waterboarding in Saturday night�...
11/01/11 07:16 am

Rick Perry Finally Gives A Correct Response

10/18/11 08:36 pm

Herman Cain Treated Like Frontrunner in Vegas

At the GOP debate Tuesday evening, Herman Cain faced attack from all his opponen...
09/26/11 03:15 pm

Cain: "This Longshot Has a Shot"

Herman Cain, still celebrating his surprising victory in the Presidential 5 Stra...
09/24/11 09:14 pm

Herman Cain Stuns Orlando

Herman Cain dominated the Presidential 5 Straw Poll in Orlando with 986 votes. B...
09/13/11 06:45 am

A Question for Every Democrat

Great question from Monday's GOP debate. Out of every dollar that I earn, h...
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