attorney general

06/27/12 04:30 pm

35 Dems May Vote Against Holder

Luke Russert reports on MSNBC that any member of congress who doesn't vote ...
06/20/12 04:49 am

Krauthammer: AG Move a Fast & Furious Insult

Eric Holder yesterday offered a briefing to Darrell Issa in place of the thousan...
12/14/10 07:01 am

AG - Court Ruling Undermines ObamaCare Funding Structure

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli explains his successful ObamaCare c...
10/06/10 09:02 am

Create What?

This is a funny debate moment from Connecticut, where Republican Linda McMahon n...
07/28/10 05:48 pm

Ruling Reax

Jan Brewer stands strong in the face of the preliminary injunction issued in fed...
05/18/10 06:46 am

Toys for Pols

When Chris Dodd announced he wouldn't seek another term in the Senate, Demo...
02/10/10 11:31 pm

She Does

A few weeks ago, Martha Coakley didn't want to be Attorney General anymore.
06/17/09 11:30 am

Confusing Corellaries

12/12/08 11:33 pm

Judge Yes, People No

Is there any chance of this succeeding? Illinois' top legal officer went to...
11/18/08 07:53 pm

Holder On

The A.G. President-elect Obama has decided to tap Eric Holder as his attorney ...
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