attack ads

08/01/12 02:26 am

Mitt's Nice New Biographical Ad

See, that wasn't so hard.
07/29/12 11:10 am

Carney Struggles to Defend Obama Attack Campaign

Jake Tapper forces Jay Carney to reflect on how State Senator Barack Obama, comp...
07/27/12 05:31 am

Obama: It Worked

Out of context? Unfair?
07/16/12 09:38 am

Rahm to Mitt: Stop Whining

Just as Mitt Romney once told his Republican competitors to stop whining over hi...
07/14/12 05:54 pm

Obama: Uncomfortable to Watch

An ad challenging the patriotism of Mitt Romney from the guy who built his caree...
07/02/12 11:22 am

Mitt Damaged by Bain Attacks

Are the Obama campaign's attacks on Mitt Romney working? Take a look at the...
01/02/12 07:57 pm

Krauthammer Surprised by Newt News

Charles Krauthammer says he, along with voters in Iowa, didn't know about s...
11/05/10 09:24 pm

Rove Tells Lauer - Democrats Are Spreading the Hate

Karl Rove tells Matt Lauer, who doesn't seem all that interested in listeni...
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