arizona immigration

08/27/10 04:14 am

The Antics

Sarah Palin takes a swipe at Scott Brown, and it's hard to imagine Scott�...
08/03/10 08:41 am

Fidel Moore

Michael Moore says he will arrange for his next film not to be released in Arizo...
07/29/10 03:46 pm

Good Bad News

On WRKO this morning, Tom and I were both arguing that the Arizona immigration d...
07/28/10 05:48 pm

Ruling Reax

Jan Brewer stands strong in the face of the preliminary injunction issued in fed...
05/25/10 10:06 pm

Hater in Chief

Is President Obama a racist?
05/24/10 07:01 pm

Human Rats

Last week, the Mexican president came to the United States, met with President O...
05/22/10 08:40 am

No Reading

When my brother Doug was learning to read, he was befuddled by the highway abbre...
05/18/10 03:09 pm

The Hate Agenda

First it was Attorney General Eric Holder, and he was followed by Homeland Secur...
05/17/10 05:11 pm

Blonds Have More

I thought beauty queens were supposed to be uninformed. Not Miss Oklahoma... sh...
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