08/13/12 07:20 pm

Karl Rove Electoral College Update

Karl Rove's regular update on how the electoral college looks based on the ...
06/26/12 02:05 am

Fred Barnes: Arizona Not Good For Prez

Fred Barnes makes a good point regarding the limited political benefits for the ...
06/25/12 03:56 pm

Immigration: Big Win for Obama

The Supreme Court ruling on immigration looks like a big political victory for t...
05/11/12 05:10 am

Krauthammer: Administration Playing Politics in Arpaio Suit

Krauthammer doesn't see pure motives in the lawsuit filed by the Justice De...
04/28/12 03:50 am

Justice: No Profiling Concerns in Arizona

In oral arguments before the Supreme Court, the solicitor general was asked whet...
04/10/12 04:35 am

Baseball Cheap-shot Fascinates World

Keep your eye on second base, where a viral video is created.
02/23/12 04:44 am

Newt Turns Birth Control into Bias

Rick Santorum take notice! Newt will now demonstrate how to redirect a question ...
01/30/12 07:13 pm

Jan Brewer's Racist Finger

Was Jan Brewer's finger motivated by racial animus when it wagged in the pr...
07/30/11 08:32 pm

Kyl: Dems Fighting for Broad Tax Increases

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl delivered the GOP weekly address this weekend, and he us...
07/15/11 03:38 pm

Arizona: Illegal Working Nuke Plant

Does illegal immigration matter? How do you feel about illegal workers having ac...
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