ann romney

04/15/12 08:57 am

Axelrod Honest While Obama Deceives

Of all the president's lies, it's the tiny ones that piss me off the m...
04/14/12 08:19 am

Roger Simon: Obama Got Rosen to Apologize

Roger Simon from Politico explains two things: how panicked the White House is o...
04/13/12 04:42 am

Ann Romney Turns War on Women on Dems

Ann Romney was all over the news Thursday driving home the Hilary Rosen's u...
04/13/12 04:33 am

Jay Carney: Too Many Hilary Rosens

Hilary Rosen isn't impressed with Jay Carney when he pretends that there ar...
04/12/12 05:29 pm

Obama Adviser Struggles with Apology

Given the chance to apologize to Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen seems more comfortable...
02/12/11 05:11 am

Mitt Speaks at CPAC: We are an exceptional land

Mitt got a warm reception at CPAC, and offered up some well written attacks on t...
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