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09/27/12 01:41 am

Romney: Too Cheap to Campaign

Looking for clues as to why Romney's campaign expects to win the White Hous...
08/30/12 12:41 am

Cillizza: Even Liberals LIked Ann Romney

Because Ann Romney was having fun giving her convention speech, even liberals go...
08/29/12 04:04 pm

Matthews: Ann Romney Spoke to Rich

Chris Matthews says that Ann Romney, speaking as a wealthy woman who never had t...
08/29/12 04:07 am

Ann Rocks Convention

Ann did what was required of her - putting a heart on the man who can't emo...
08/28/12 07:10 pm

Krauthammer: What Ann Can Do

Mitt Romney can't talk about his own nobility and devotion when faced with ...
08/18/12 05:30 pm

Halperin: Voters Don't Care About Tax Returns

Mark Halperin made some nice confessions over the past several days about the ro...
07/31/12 02:25 pm

Media Bias Drives Romney Coverage

Michelle, lovely. Ann, gauche!
06/19/12 04:34 pm

O'Donnell Mocks Ann Romney's MS Horse

These guys at MSNBC must be under intense pressure to be talking shit at all tim...
04/27/12 08:33 am

Late Week News Bomb

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their...
04/15/12 09:01 pm

Bill Maher Fuels the Rosen Fire

Bill Maher does his best to keep the Obama nightmare going - adding new juice to...
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