andre carson

09/12/11 06:41 pm

Andre Carson's Figurative Explanation Doesn't Figure

Andre Carson says he was talking figuratively when he said some members of congr...
09/05/11 02:32 pm

Left Continues Push for Violence

Who knew that that the movement to dismantle America would be driven to panic by...
09/02/11 02:13 am

Democratic Hate Campaign Explained

Why have the Dems rolled out a new hate campaign this week, designed to demonize...
08/30/11 03:00 pm

Black Caucus Turns to Bigotry & Hate

The racial divide is vital to the survival of Democrats as a party, and they wor...
06/30/10 04:39 pm

Moving On

So far, nobody is interested in the easy $100,000 reward. Just produce the tape!...
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