anderson cooper

10/19/11 07:52 am

Mitt v Herman: Apples & Oranges

Mitt comes to the debate with a line he's been told to deliver on 9-9-9, an...
02/02/11 01:39 pm

Egyptian Protesters Know Their Newscasters

They recognized Anderson Cooper, it seems, in Egypt. "Anderson said he was ...
01/04/11 07:04 am

Michael Moore Tees Off on Issa

Michael Moore suggests that Darrell Issa is a racist for saying that the Obama a...
07/30/10 02:32 pm

Sherrod Squad

Shirley Sherrod may have made a speech about redemption, but her husband seems t...
07/29/10 06:04 am

Pigeon Our Holes

I listened to the Face the Nation podcast from Sunday driving in to WRKO this mo...
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