allen west

09/06/12 07:38 pm

Allen West: They Said No To God

Allen West, in a tough reelection fight in Florida, jumps all over the left wing...
04/24/12 05:30 am

Allen West: We're Committing Cultural Suicide

America is letting PC values undermine our ability to keep the country safe, say...
04/14/12 04:04 am

Joe Freaks Over Allen West

Joe Scarborough went on a rant this week against Allen West for saying there are...
04/12/12 11:48 am

GOP Rep. Allen “Wild Wild” West Is A Joke

04/12/12 04:35 am

Allen West Thinks Only 80 Communists in Congress

Allen West thinks that only about 80 members of congress are communists - but th...
04/09/12 03:42 pm

Herman Cain Wants Allen West

Herman Cain says Allen West is well-spoken. Is that racist?
03/14/12 09:00 am

West: Stocks Up Over Potential GOP President

Congressman Allen West says the stock market is getting happy because it's ...
03/08/12 01:40 pm

Mitt Not Going West for VP

Allen West likes two guys from Florida as choices for Mitt's running mate. ...
02/17/12 10:13 am

Allen West Celebrates Black History Month

Allen West, a freshman member of congress from Florida, talks about the support ...
01/30/12 08:07 am

Are You Prepared to Go West?

Is Allen West over the top, or exactly what's needed when he says the liber...
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