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10/27/11 05:28 am

Alan Grayson Joins Schultz: GOP is OJ

Funniest Ed Schultz cut ever as he responds to Paul Ryan highlighting the obviou...
11/05/10 09:24 am

Grayson Says the GOP Has No Idea About Nothin'

Alan Grayson, the just evicted bomb throwing leftist congressman from Florida, e...
11/03/10 08:57 am

Grayson Gone in Florida After One Term

After one vituperative term, the loudmouth of the left, Florida Congressman Alan...
08/12/10 05:40 pm

Loony Left

Stephanopoulos follows the phony "Professional Left" storyline launche...
08/12/10 02:54 am

Liberal Hurt

Alan Grayson, Leftist Bomb Thrower from Florida, wants the president's pres...
08/05/10 02:56 am

Florida Heat

Alan Grayson gets a taste of his own medicine... divisive bombast.
10/08/09 10:00 pm

What You Want

America wants health care reform, it's true. It's also true that Am...
10/01/09 03:50 am

Die Quickly

You've got to love Congressman Alan Grayson, who this week put some color i...
05/21/09 11:31 am


The level of thoughtfulness that the socialists have in making policy is impress...
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