alan colmes

06/16/11 10:44 am

Colmes Disappointed Weiner Resigning

Anthony Weiner is expected to resign today, following the timing laid out by fri...
03/06/11 04:39 am

Colmes Says Walker as Bad as Democrats

Alan Colmes accuses Scott Walker of behaving just like a Democrat - that is, he ...
01/01/11 09:04 pm

ObamaCare - Something You Can Wrap Your Mind Around

Alan Colmes proves once again his uselessness as a pundit in this conversation o...
12/22/10 09:26 am

Democrats Scared By Rep King's Attempts to Make America Safe

Alan Colmes makes the argument that "you don't single out a religion,&...
11/24/10 06:05 am

O'Reilly - Scanning For Laughs

Alan Colmes gets the worst of a one liner battle with O'Reilly.
09/12/10 03:29 am

Colmes' Coma

Alan Colmes can't figure out why September 11th is "celebrated." ...
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